Distribution for Greta's Movies

Other Cinema DVD

Of course, you can buy my split DVD with Vanessa Renwick, Nomads and No-Zones, at Other Cinema Digital. You won't be sorry to see 9 or 10 movies by me and Vanessa, on a beautiful picture DVD, featuring my Stacie's wonderful tattoo. There's extras, too!

Lost Weekend Video (415) 643-3373

1034 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Lost Weekend is a cool neighborhood video store, with a huge shelf of independent movies on video (where my movies are). Adam, Christie, and David et. al. are huge cineastes! Also, there's a photobooth in there, dollar rentals, and Giants tickets now and then.

Canyon Cinema (415)626-2255

145 Ninth Street, Ste 260 San Francisco, CA 94103

Canyon distributes my 16mm film prints and sells videotapes. It's a groovy cooperative, administrated by filmmakers, and their website is a cool resource too. Anyone can have their films distributed here! Just send them your movie, and there's an annual fee ($30?) that's paid for by rentals, if you get any.